Dedicated to design with you in mind.

Design-build provides more than just design and construction services. It allows the highest level of project performance from planning, development and execution.

With Pure Style, you have a team of architects, designers, and contractors coordinating every purchase and every step. With one contract and one point of contact, you have peace of mind that nothing is overlooked and everything is completed on budget and on time.

Whether you go with bold minimalism or rich and rustic, we seamlessly couple beauty and functionality to fit your style.


Building a home requires more than knowing what you want. It requires knowing what you need, which is why Pure Style begins with several discovery sessions to explore personalities and possibilities of the new room or house.

From the foundation to windows to roofing, we make sure your aesthetic vision for your home is aligned with your sustainability needs.

Plan Design

At this stage, we transform our discovery discussions into your perfectly designed home. We put the concepts onto paper and finalize floor plans, trim details and product selections. Every detail—from exterior elevations down to the orientation of the home and its impact on lighting—receives attention, and every decision is intentional.

Scope of Work

Once you accept the proposal, construction can begin. We provide you with a finalized Scope of Work that outlines the entire project to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the building process. It tracks progress and documents the project specifications and requirements, deliverables, deadlines and budget estimates.

The Build

This is when the drawings, drafts and documents come to life.

We are more than just your team of skilled craftsmen and designers. We are your partners. We encourage client collaboration and will continue to meet with you every step of the way from the preliminary designs until you have the keys to your new home.